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ShoppingPoint24 is the web adress for everything around house and garden. The product portfolio includes round about 60.000 articles and contains renowned brands such as Sun Garden, Kettler Gartenmöbel, Lock & Lock, Bartscher, Kela, Curver, Haas & Sohn and Wesco. Service and security are the top priorities at Furthermore there are serveral payment methods for rapid and smooth processing of your purchase. Daily live shopping activities round out this attractive offer.
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Our extensive product range offers the full range of quality products for home and garden. In addition to a large variety of products to garden furniture, we offer a wide range of household goods and appliances for domestic use and for commercial use, for example, Bartscher. Our product range includes both water filters to improve the quality of drinking tap water, cooking facilities for professional outdoor use of Barbecook and professional storage systems with plastic boxes of Lock & Lock.

Optimal Quality of drinking water with the water filter                                                                                                Our high-quality water filters are essential to improving the quality of tap water. The hardness of the tap water is particularly high in many regions. A water filter ensures that less calcium is deposited in the coffee maker or tea kettle. Through the water filter the water is"softer" the taste is pleasant and your machine calcify more slowly. Our quality-certified water filters improve water quality, filter particulates and turbidity of the drinking water, coffee and tea water and reduce the concentration of unwanted substances.

Cooking outdoors in any season with grill stations established by Barbecook                                                    Barbecook offers a large selection of premium grilling and cooking systems for outdoor use. From the popular Barbecook charcoal grill on the BBQ Cook-performance bar up to the Barbecook smoker no wishes remain open to outdoor cooking. The quality-controlled devices and accessories from Barbecook enthusiastic recreational cooks worldwide. According to the motto: "Simplicity - performance - efficiency - enthusiasm," the tastiest dishes for your guests can be prepared easily and efficiently with Barbecook.

High-end catering equipment from Bartscher
Shoppingpoint24 not only sells to private customers, but is also a supplier of many food services, for example, with the powerful coffee machines from Bartscher. Bartscher Coffee Line is synonymous with quality coffee making facilities, meet the high demands of modern customers. The popular specialty coffee and tea preparation is easy, efficient and cost-saving with Bartscher Coffee Line. Bartscher is a reliable supplier with smart solutions and innovative technology for everything related to the catering facilities. From hot air furnace with induction up to the plate warmer can be found in shoppingpoint24 a top selection of Bartscher catering supplies for the restaurant everyday.

Clever storage systems from Lock & Lock
Lock & Lock food storage containers may be hermetically closed and ensure clarity, order and proper storage of food and beverages of all kinds of food. In shoppingpoint24 we offer a wide range of Lock & Lock boxes that can be desired in size, shape and closure options open. What will be always kept in the kitchen - Lock & Lock boxes are an ideal solution. Whether in the pantry, refrigerator, in the freezer or on the go - in the food-safe food storage boxes of Lock & Lock all the goodies are kept safe and fresh. is a young, aspiring online shop with the main line home and garden. We offer our product line residential customers, commercial customers and public institutions. Our clients receive the top shoppingpoint24 conditions and discounts on payment in advance for known and popular brand-name products. Electrical equipment you can buy here.

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